Sunday, September 9, 2018

"This weekend, in an unprecedented move, former President Barack Obama went on the campaign trail to push the far-left Democrat agenda in the upcoming November elections.

But, it didn’t quite turn out like he expected.

Only 750 people showed up at his event in far left California!"


Obama re-emerges to remind voters why they elected Trump

[Gateway Pundit]

Friday, September 7, 2018

"And while Obama found plenty of time to denigrate Republicans for allegedly stoking fear during these “dangerous” and “extraordinary times,” he also dedicated a lot of his speech to patting himself on the back for everything from the improving economy to supposedly helping to heal the country’s racial divisions.

All told, the former president referred to himself – I, My, Me – more than 102 times in about 64 minutes, while simultaneously engaging in the type political pot shots he criticized Republicans for."

[The American Mirror]

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

How Trump Can Save Free Speech from Big Tech

"Politicians aren't saviors or messiahs.  Devoutly secular worship of government – the belief that the State (capital S) is God – is inherent in the Democratic Party's ideology and marketing.

At the risk of belying my adamant opposition to idolatry, I implore President Trump to save free speech on the internet.

The president has been busy keeping many of the promises he made as a candidate, so perhaps my request is unfair.  I'm mindful, however, that he has similarly ambitious and entrepreneurial children, who are active on social media.

Politics is sales, and here's my pitch. ...... "

[American Thinker]

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Protect Political Speech from the Tech Oligarchs with The Civil Rights Act of 2019

" If you haven't noticed that freedom of political speech in America is under increasingly effective assault by the left, you haven't been watching.  Over the internet, over lunch with colleagues, in every university classroom, indeed, everywhere in America, the wrong word, the wrong thought, can spell banishment or professional and personal destruction, or both.

The First Amendment's protection of free expression is a limitation only on governmental action.  The Founders never dreamed that the major private institutions of the Republic they were establishing would seriously limit freedom of speech for Americans.  But beyond any dispute, the day has come when exactly that evil is occurring.

We have a historical template for the solution, or at least a major part of the solution, to the once creeping, now galloping, repression of free speech in America.  It is high time for a new Civil Rights Act extending First Amendment freedoms to major private actors – to internet forums, large employers, and the entire K-12 and university systems.  "

[American Thinker]

California Eliminates Bail For Majority Of Suspects Awaiting Trial

 What could possibly go wrong with this?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Both sides not now

Both sides not now (2)

 In two articles, STRONG arguments are presented that Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) should be investigated for campaign finance law violations as well as several other crimes ....... all far more egregious than Cohen and Flynn.  But since Mueller is in Clinton's pocket, it will not happen.



Friday, August 24, 2018

‘Illegal immigrant’ charged with Mollie Tibbetts’ murder

 “He’s an illegal alien, been in this area for four to seven years,” Rahn [special agent in charge at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation] said. [NY Post]

All of those persons involved in FAILING TO DEPORT illegal aliens should have this murder on their conscience.  [clipper]

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Eyewitness to the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

" Half a century ago today, I watched as Soviet tanks rolled into my native Czechoslovakia to suppress the slight relaxing of the odious repression that was necessary to maintain a purported socialist paradise. “Prague Spring,” as the loosening of tyranny was called, ended before the summer was over.'

The buddy whose gal hung on my bicep that fateful night was shot to pieces two weeks later by a machine gun on a tank for waving the Czech flag.  Another friend was shot at close range by a soldier with a Kalashnikov on a crowded commuter bus; his girl next to him almost had a heart attack.  The reason: he refused to take down from his lapel the red-blue-white tricolor with a black beam across.  Three more friends were murdered in a like fashion for similar “high crimes” against the Big Red Brother.

Lastly, a memo to the foolish  misguided Millennials following as if in a trance the old greedy crook Bernie (who never had a real job in his life!), the supremely ignorant and vacuous Ocasio-Cortez airhead:  Communism and socialism murdered 100 - 200 million innocent civilians in peace time; only God knows the exact number!  Do you really want to live like this or be a part of the “elite” doing the killing?  The choice is yours, for now, because you live in the greatest, most generous and brave nation ever!  Better dead than Red -- take my word for it. We have the graves and the scars." 

[Robert of Prague] 

At UCLA, 20 paid diversity advocates isn’t enough

 And you wonder why college costs are rising 15% each year?

"The University of California, Los Angeles hopes to pay more students to fight “toxic masculinity” and “microaggressions” on campus, just two weeks after announcing it had already hired 20 foot soldiers for its social justice army. 

Hosted by the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program, the Diversity Peer Leaders project is a year-long internship during which students are paid $13 per hour to facilitate workshops on social justice issues and intercultural communication. "

[Campus Reform]