Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another HUGE $2.6 Billion Tax On All Cars Purchased

Aren't you fed up with the federal bureaucrats jamming more and more down our throats INVOLUNTARILY ?

It must be a slow day in Washington ...... so the bureaucrats write another one. They now have required that all new vehicles be equipped with back-up camera's and monitors beginning in 2014.

We never have a say..... they simply involuntarily add a couple hundred dollars to the cost of a new car. It's no big deal they say ... we haven't done anything for the little people lately, so .........

“We haven’t done anything else to protect pedestrians,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington. “This is one thing we can do and should do.” [New York Times]

The only fatal backing accident with which I am personally familiar was where a child was playing UNDER a vehicle near the rear wheel. His head was crushed when the vehicle backed up. No rear view camera would have prevented that. A walk around the rear end would have.

We sell around 13 million new cars and light trucks every year in the U.S. . At $200 per vehicle for the camera and monitor, that means $2.6 BILLION every year for this "safety improvement" which will save some fraction of the 100 children per year who are killed. Would that money be better spent (and our freedom preserved), at a fraction of the cost, by conducting a public education campaign aimed at preventing this hazard? [clipper]

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