Sunday, February 19, 2012

Culture of corruption: What’s happening with the Maxine Waters ethics case?!

The House Ethics Committee is a JOKE !!!! It has been "investigating" the ethics charges against Rep. Maxine Waters for THREE YEARS. Just recently six Committee members recused themselves. [clipper]

"The House Ethics Committee suffers from dysfunction by design. It is chronically understaffed and underfunded. The panel most recently went without a staff director for four months. Its investigative backlog was compounded by the partisan-charged suspension of two staff attorneys last fall who were knee-deep in the Waters’ probe. And the panel’s ranking Democratic member, California Rep. Linda Sanchez, is bogged down with her own ethical conflicts of interest." [Michelle Malkin]

"The ethics-committee probe came after a separate body, the Office of Congressional Ethics, found that Waters probably broke conflict-of-interest rules in her handling of OneUnited's pursuit of federal aid." [Seattle Times]

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