Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maher: 'We've Lost 500,000 Public Sector Jobs' Under Obama and 'Added 3.7 Million Private Sector Jobs'

"In this week's "Is He Really This Stupid or Just a Bald-Faced Liar" segment, HBO's Bill Maher Friday night once again proved that he is either one of the dumbest people on television or is way too dishonest to have his own show.

On the most recent installment of Real Time, the host emphatically claimed, "We've lost 500,000 public sector jobs since Obama took office and added 3.7 million private sector jobs" (video follows with transcript and commentary): "

Well, as reported by NewsBusters Friday in response to MSNBCer Martin Bashir's idiotic claim that Obama's increased 3 million private sector jobs since taking office, the actual figure from the Bureau of Labor statitics is a decline of 549,000 since January 2009.

As for Obama cutting 500,000 public sector jobs, the federal government - the only one the president has any control over - has increased workers by 39,000 since January 2009. If you exclude the Post Office - which is shedding jobs due to its own problems - public employment at the federal level is up 149,000. " [NewsBusters]

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