Sunday, March 31, 2013

Definitive Proof that Obamacare Raises Costs and Kills Jobs

A reader who heads an investment group came across this disclosure in a prospectus issued in connection with the recapitalization of a family-oriented restaurant chain. This isn’t a political statement, it is a legally-mandated disclosure to prospective investors, which renders the issuer liable if it isn’t true:
According to an NFP study of the Company’s health insurance and potential impact of the ACA, the total cost increase to the Company in 2014 is estimated to be $400,000 (or a 33% cost increase) which we have factored into our Projections. We believe this cost will continue to increase as the ACA is modified over the next several years but that most of the impact can be managed through cost reducing the plan or offset through menu price increases."
 [Power Line]

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