Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're All CVS Employees Now

Federal "weight" inspectors are coming by 2014 to insure your BMI is good..... if not, you pay more for insurance

"Starting in 2014, per the dictates of the federal government, your doctor must record your body mass index (BMI), which measures whether you are overweight, each time he or she treats you and turn it over to the government via your electronic health record, which every patient is required to have.  Your BMI will then be tracked by the Health and Human Services Department.

ALREADY ...... In North Carolina, state employees self-report their weight, their height and if they smoke to their state health plan administrators.  Those who admit that they smoke or are overweight pay higher premiums.  Those who claim they do not smoke and aren't overweight pay lower rates but are subject to random health "inspections" by agents of their health care plan - at home, at school, or at work - to verify that they have maintained a proper weight and do not smoke."     [American Thinker]


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  1. obamacare will become a classic example of "creeping fascism", where rulemakers try to justify their existence on the backs of the vast majority, without actual consent of the majority.