Thursday, April 18, 2013

U.S. 'deporting Saudi person of interest'

Obama meets with Saudi Foreign Minister as does John Kerry

Student's family connected to al-Qaida members and Gitmo detainees


Do you think maybe the Saudi's have a grip on certain parts of Obama and are squeezing him for all they can to control him?  What might they have?  Certainly not the threat to stop shipping oil.... we don't buy THAT much from the Saudis and they need our  $$.  Could it be they have PERSONAL information on Dear Leader that would be devastating to him ?  Like birth records?  Oh baloney you say!  Well then, what explains the meetings which were off the records, followed by the hasty deportation?     [clipper]

UPDATE: Saudi student being deported IS NOT the same one who was injured and hospitalized in the Boston marathon bombing.


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