Monday, May 6, 2013

Obamacare's secret plan: Destroy and 'rescue'

Here is where it's going !

"Although Obamacare is fluid, being rewritten hourly, as of this moment, the plan is to create “accountable care organizations,” or ACOs. These will be defined by geographic areas that contain a certain number of patients. 

Currently, for example, a pilot ACO blankets a large area of northwestern Iowa.
You the patient, at first, won’t know that you “belong” to the ACO. But the government has assigned you, if you are a Medicare recipient, to a specific ACO. The ACOs will then be held responsible for quality – as defined by government – and for cost containment."     [WND]

Read on to learn how this progresses to total government takeover of ALL health care, i.e. a signal payer system.   [clipper]

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