Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Read this RIDICULOUS sob story:
"Bill Coleman, a mechanical engineer who works for the Navy, makes around $104,000 a year, before taxes. Like most Department of Defense employees, he expects to be furloughed for 11 days between July and September. He will lose roughly $4,400 in pay during that stretch.

If his furlough days are scattered throughout the three month period, he will not qualify for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania. Workers in that state cannot earn more than $745 in one week and still qualify for unemployment benefits.

Based on government pay grades, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry estimates most federal employees will not be eligible for benefits unless they work less than 28 hours per week. Indeed, if Coleman works just four days a week -- he would surpass the $745 limit.

However, the scenario changes completely now that Coleman can group his furlough days together in five-day blocks. In that case, he will lose a full week of wages at a time, and the state would consider him like any other worker on a temporary layoff. Coleman hopes this will allow him to collect roughly $1,100 in unemployment checks this summer.

"I went through a very expensive divorce, I have five kids -- two of them are in college -- and I can't afford this," he said. "When you take away 20% of my salary during those three months, it's putting me into the range where I do not have money left for gasoline and food."     [CNN Money]
THE GUY MAKES $104,000 a year !!!!!!!  And he's claiming he doesn't have money left for gas and food!

This is the mentality of the entitlement focused Federal Union Employees.


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