Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DHS trains for U.S. militia with 'Uncle Sam' hats

The Boston Globe revealed the plot of “Operation Urban Shield,” a simulation by the Department of Homeland Security costing $200,000. The program was slated to take place last weekend to train local Boston law-enforcement agencies to work together to thwart a terrorist threat.

According to the plans obtained by the Boston Globe, the terrorist threat in the exercise was a fictional group called the Free America Citizens, described as “a home-grown cadre of militiamen whose logo would be a metal skull wearing an Uncle Sam hat and a furious expression.”

One official told the newspaper the goal of the simulation was for detectives to figure out the motives of the Free America Citizens group."     [WND]

Let's see ..... hmmmm .... wearing red, white and blue hats ... carrying "In God We Trust" signs ....... they must REALLY be up to no good !!     [clipper]

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