Monday, June 17, 2013

Lessons Better Left in Denmark

"It isn’t always easy living in a country described as the land of milk and honey by socialists all over the world. They should, of course, love Denmark, since it’s by many measures the most socialist country in the Western hemisphere. 

Denmark is basically the closest thing to a socialist utopia you can find.
On the surface, I really do seem to live in the land of milk and honey. As a student, the government provides me with publicly paid university education and a monthly stipend of about $1000 ($700 adjusted for buying power) to cover living costs. I live comfortably in a rather large apartment with its own garden and rent paid by taxpayers. In my home is a nice, big, flat screen TV on the wall and many other luxuries you wouldn’t normally expect from a 
23-year-old student.

So what’s to complain about?"     [Tea Party Patriots]

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