Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Charlie Crist — beyond flip-flopping



"Crist hasn’t just flip-flopped on this or that issue; he’s completely reinvented his political views. 


[Following this is a list of Crist's flip-flops]


Who, then, is the real Charlie Crist? That’s easy. He’s a cynical, dishonest opportunist — a man with no principles who will say anything to advance his political career. The political practices of Kerry, Romney, Obama, Rubio aren’t saintly. But they are a world apart from Crist’s.


The most interesting question is whether the Democrats will nominate this transparent phony for public office. It’s pretty clear that the Republicans wouldn’t. And it wouldn’t just be the Tea Party that rejected a former down-the-line liberal passing himself off as a born-again conservative.

With the Democrats it’s less clear. For them, the will to power seems to trump everything including, I suspect, Crist’s lack of any foundation other than ambition. The issue for Democrats will probably not be Crist’s shocking impurity, but their sense of whether the electorate can stomach such a sleaze."

[Power Line]


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