Friday, February 14, 2014

Cruz: Establishment GOP can't handle the truth


 "Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, refused to allow Senate leaders to waive the Senate’s regular order requiring 60 votes to proceed, which would have allowed it to proceed with 51 votes, after it passed in the House of Representatives. The Democrats only have 53 senators, so they could not have lifted the debt ceiling without the GOP votes, which Republican leadership delivered.


 [Republican leadership really wanted to allow the debt ceiling increase.  Their strategy in the Senate was to waive regular order thus requiring only a 51 vote majority to pass.  All Republicans could then safely vote against a debt increase and it would still pass.  But Cruz called their bluff and refused to allow it, thus requiring at least 60 (and hence some Republican) votes to passclipper]


“In the 13 months I have been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me that the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most is when they are forced to tell the truth. It makes their head explode. The debt ceiling vote was the perfect example. They all wanted a perfect show vote.”



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