Saturday, February 1, 2014

Racism Everywhere?



"Even as actual racism declines, news stories about purported racism continue to multiply. Let’s take two examples from the last 24 hours. In Slate, Tracy Thompson tells us: “Snow didn’t paralyze Atlanta. Racism did.” Seriously: Thompson blames the snowstorm and consequent snarling of traffic in Atlanta on “racism.” How can that be? Thompson explains that on account of racism, regional government in the Atlanta area is fragmented:

“Exaggerated individualism” is a pretty good description of the Southern approach to politics—especially in Georgia, which has more counties than any state in the country except Texas. “Atlanta” is actually a 10-county metropolitan region which is home to more than 4 million people and 68 separate municipalities.

So what? The Twin Cities metropolitan area, where it snows all the time but kids don’t have to sleep in schools as a consequence, is home to 2.9 million people and consists of seven counties and 182 cities and townships, nearly three times as many as the Atlanta area. What does this have to do with the ability to drive in snow?"


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