Monday, March 17, 2014

Obama and The Democrats Plot To Control America



"Barack Obama’s presidency will come to an end.  The legacy of pain he will leave behind will not -- at least for years to come. He and his fellow Democrats plan to keep their grip on the levers of power-even if they lose control of Congress and the White House. And they will do so with “invisible hands” gone but not forgotten.


The Democrats have run up more red ink than all previous administrations combined.


The IPAB will have authority to make direct modifications to the Medicare program unless Congress overrides its proposed changes. In addition, a super majority would be required in the Senate to overturn the IPAB’s recommendations.


Democrats who are unconcerned with an Iranian nuclear weapon also were blissful when Senate Majority Leader trigged his own “nuclear option” abolishing the filibuster in most appointments."

[American Thinker]    

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