Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Essence of Sarah Palin's Message for 2014



"... true leaders pay a heavy price, which is why they, as do eagles, fly alone.  Sarah Palin has led by example, displaying tremendous courage, backbone, and grit by standing up for conservative principles, traditional values, freedom, and liberty – even when some conservatives and establishment Republicans joined the chorus of liberals, Democrats, and MSM calling her a fool.


Here are Palin's predictions that have come true.

Obama pacifying world aggressors would have negative consequences.

Russia (which had just invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia, a U.S. ally, at the time of this prediction) would feel emboldened enough to send troops into Ukraine as well.

Under ObamaCare there would be government “death panels” that determine whether or not a patient should be eligible to receive life-saving treatments, or whether it would be cheaper to just let that patient die.  Could you ever imagine such a thing in America? 

A few liberals have admitted that Palin was right when she said Obama does not have a whole lot of substance. "
[Lloyd Marcus]


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