Monday, March 9, 2015


"In Madison, Wisconsin, 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot and killed by a police officer last Friday evening. Robinson was unarmed at the time. His death has led to the usual protests; 

Here’s the thing: if you assault a police officer, he probably will shoot you. That’s what happened to Michael Brown, too. Some people seem to be under the misapprehension that if you are unarmed, the police officer is obliged to engage you in a fistfight (trusting that you don’t have a gun, knife or other weapon) and see how it turns out. No. He, like any other citizen, is entitled to shoot you if he reasonably apprehends a danger of grave physical harm, and you can be pretty well assured that he will do so.

DOJ could do a lot more good if it conducted an advertising campaign, informing teenagers of all races that if they assault a police officer, they likely will be shot."

[Power Line]

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