Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Barack Obama says a little girl wrote to him asking why there were no women’s faces on U.S. currency.

That started a movement by a group called Women on 20s, which is now conducting an Internet poll on which of 15 candidates should be the first to replace President Andrew Jackson, ironically the founder of Obama’s party.

Of the 15 candidates, the group is asking poll-takers to pick three. They include a bevy of other Democrats, radical feminists and progressive heroines:
Betty Friedan‎
Rosa Parks‎
Shirley Chisholm‎
Barbara Jordan‎
Rachel Carson‎
Susan B. Anthony‎
Eleanor Roosevelt‎
Patsy Mink‎
Frances Perkins‎
Sojourner Truth‎
Alice Paul‎
Elizabeth Cady Stanton‎
Margaret Sanger‎
Clara Barton‎
Harriet Tubman‎"


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