Sunday, March 29, 2015

Latinos and Americanos: The two societies compared

"Both the United States and Brazil are continental in size, and the rest of the Western Hemisphere consists of countries and colonies where people speak Spanish, French, Creole, Dutch, Papiamento, English, Portuguese, or an indigenous Indian language. 

In the United States, there are states as different as tiny New Hampshire and huge California.  In Latin America, there are lands as different as Indian and mestizo Guatemala and lily-white Argentina.  Argentina has always been an enigma.  Its people are so white and European that they joke that they are really Italians who speak Spanish but would like to be Germans or Englishmen. 

How else do the two hemispheric societies compare?  Most North Americans live in a technical, industrial, free-market, capitalist society, while many Latin Americans live in societies where much of the economy is state-owned, and state-dominated, or controlled by a wealthy private elite."
[American Thinker]

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