Friday, March 6, 2015

Why Johnny Can't Sled Anymore

"In the midst of this cold winter, I chanced to come upon a scene that gladdened my heart. It was a group of unsupervised boys sledding down a hillside. They weren’t only sledding. They were ramming into other sleds. At the bottom of the hill, they pushed each other down, rolling and tumbling in the snow. They threw snowballs at each other, all the while yelling and carrying on. The boys were just being boys, having a good old time in the process.

The real tragedy is that today’s youth are offered a contrary program. Instead of sledding, many children are often exposed to the frenetic intemperance of alternatives that help them disconnect from reality. While other children are “dangerously” playing in the snow, they will be engaged in video games full of all sorts of violent and risky activities -- that have no concrete consequences."

[American Thinker]

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