Monday, June 22, 2015

Hillary Tries to Rebut Clinton Cash, Fails

" Yesterday Hillary Clinton finally answered a few questions about Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash. We have written extensively about the revelations in that book, but the best place to start may be the podcast interview we did with Peter just after the book came out. Mrs. Clinton chose a local TV news show in New Hampshire to talk about Clinton Cash. Breitbart News records the key exchange:

The timing doesn’t work. It happened in terms of the support for the foundation before I was secretary of state.

Hillary was secure in the knowledge that neither the interviewer nor most of those watching the show had read Schweizer’s book. In fact, there are two stages to the Uranium One scandal, .....

The second stage of the Uranium One scandal occurred later, when a Russian company controlled by the Russian State Nuclear Agency bought Uranium One, which by that time controlled around one-half of the uranium in the United States. The Russian transaction was announced in 2010, when Hillary was Secretary of State, and was approved by her. Hillary deliberately failed to mention that contributions from the principals of Uranium One and the company’s Russian buyers continued to flow to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State:

The Clinton Foundation also failed to disclose major contributions from entities controlled by those involved in the Uranium One deal. Thus, beginning in 2009, the company’s chairman, Telfer, quietly started funneling what would become $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation through a Canadian entity he controlled called the Fernwood Foundation. …[A]ccording to Canadian tax records, Telfer’s Fernwood Foundation donated more than $2 million to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state. The Clinton Foundation’s public disclosures don’t list Fernwood as a donor."

[Power Line]

Spin.....spin....spin......  but she cannot hide from the facts.....

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