Thursday, June 4, 2015

Latest Clinton cash scandal carries national security implications

 Bobblehead's Stockholm Connection

"In the case of Sweden, as noted above, the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising arm was never disclosed to or cleared by the State Department. And it escaped public notice, the Times says, because its incorporation papers were filed in Stockholm and because the identities of its donors were lumped by Team Clinton into the disclosure reports of his U.S.-based charity, thereby blurring the lines between what were two separate organizations incorporated under two different countries’ laws.

Given the game the Swedes and the Clintons were playing, you can understand these machinations.
In some of the Clinton Cash scandals, countries funneled money to the Clintons in order to escape from the consequences of human rights violations — apparently with success. This is scandalous enough. 

But this is the second case I know of in which the Clintons received cash from entities that hoped to obtain — and seemingly did obtain — policy decisions that harmed U.S. national security interests (the other being the dealings that led to Russia controlling a large share of U.S. uranium)."
[Power Line]

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