Monday, June 29, 2015

 George Orwell's 1984 character Winston Smith would feel right at home on Marquette's campus ........
Orwell was off by only 31 years

"Catholic professors and other faculty members at a prominent Wisconsin Catholic university are now being trained to report any school employees who voice their opposition to same-sex marriage as a form of harassment to the university's human resources office."
[Christian Post]

15 Reasons ‘Marriage Equality’ Is About Neither Marriage Nor Equality

 Be sure to read ALL 15!  Here is #12:

With the erosion of family autonomy practically guaranteed by the rainbow arc of same-sex marriage, private life will tend to evaporate, just as it always does in centrally planned societies. Distrust grows because people fear punishment for expressing dissenting views. The emphasis on political correctness in the name of equality, coupled with an ever-growing bureaucracy, is a perfect environment in which to percolate a surveillance society. 


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