Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn speaks for the community when he calls on the group to be respectful of others and remove the flag. “It does not reflect the amazing diversity of Tampa or the emergence of this state as a beacon of tolerance,” he told the Tribune. “It needs to come down.” "  [Tampa Tribune]

On the contrary, the Confederate flag flying next to I-75 in Tampa DEMONSTRATES the tolerance for opposing views.  His statement ought to qualify Mayor Buckhorn for the HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR award!  I guess we must all be tolerant - as long as we believe as he does. 

Perhaps the Mayor would ban the Nazi, Palestinian, ISIS, British, Iraqi, Spanish, Japanese, Mexican, Canadian, Cuban, Vietnamese and Italian flags, all of whom we have battled as dastardly foes in the past ........ or does his "beacon of tolerance" illuminate only the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia?

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