Monday, June 8, 2015

Why Are These People Running For President?

" Is there anyone in the entire universe who isn’t Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham’s mother who thinks that Lindsey Graham should be president? 

It’s almost unfair to mention the accomplished and compelling Dr. Ben Carson after talking about a non-entity like Graham (Yeah, I know he was a colonel. Who wasn’t?), but we need to ask: “Dr. Carson, why are you running?”  

How about Mike Huckabee, soon to be played by Sorrell Booke in the upcoming film “Elmer Gantry: The Revenge”? In a time when the GOP base is maneuvering to fight the overreaching metastasization of government, Huckabee is embraces the bloat.

Let’s not forget Rick Santorum. Apparently, the GOP desperately needs a failed ex-senator who couldn’t win reelection in 2006 and has spent the last decade modeling sweaters and railing against sodomy.

And then there is Jeb Bush. Jeb has an aura of seriousness because a long time ago he was the governor of Florida and didn’t utterly fail. But let’s be real – Jeb is running for two reasons."


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