Thursday, August 6, 2015

Has the Justice Department Seized Hillary’s Server? If Not, Why Not? 


"The Clinton camp is engaged in its usual obfuscations, claiming that Mrs. Clinton has done nothing wrong, much less committed any crimes, because the information in question was not classified at the time she communicated it – i.e., it was only later classified by the government. 

As I have already explained, this is a specious contention: If she knew the information she was communicating in an unsecure medium was secret national defense information, she was in violation of the law even if the government did not get around to stamping the actual e-mails “classified” until some later time. But let’s put that aside for the moment.

Mrs. Clinton finally provided the government with paper copies of what is (or, she claims, was) on her server(s). Given that there is classified information in those paper copies, there necessarily has to have been – or, more likely, still is – classified information on the server(s). Regardless of whether you buy Mrs. Clinton’s argument that the information was not classified at the time she sent the e-mails, there is no denying that (a) it is classified now, and (b) she still has the server(s)."
[Andrew McCarthy - AIM]

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