Monday, August 3, 2015

Planned Parenthood's Cash Cow

 "When revenue from harvested baby organs is considered, late term abortion is one of Planned Parenthood’s highest ticket items.  This very well may explain why the abortion giant has resisted any attempt by legislators to restrict these horrific procedures.

Abortion methods differ based on the age of the child.  The most common method used during the first trimester is suction curettage, which employs the use of a high power vacuum that tears the child into small pieces. 

After the first trimester, dilation and evacuation is the predominant method.  This involves the use of forceps to more slowly twist, tear and dismember the child -- at a more advanced stage of development.  Ninety-six percent of all second trimester abortions are done this way.  And as we have recently learned from the undercover videos, this is the “less crunchy” method that works best for organ harvesting."
[American Thinker]

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