Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Angry Young Americans

(Author Unknown)
The three young Americans that rushed and beat the gunman on the train to Paris, have demonstrated just how violent we are as a culture. The French passengers and crew reacted in a much more civilized manner. By either fleeing to the staff car and locking the door, as the crew did, or curling in the fetal position on the floor as did the French passengers.
There is no evidence the Americans made any attempt to engage in dialogue with the gunman, to ascertain the root of his anger.  No, their immediate reaction was so typically American; beat him senseless, without regard for a deprived childhood or the systemic racism the world over. Hell, if the Americans had guns they likely would have shot him.
The fact that one of the Americans is black demonstrates just how entrenched this culture of violence is woven into the fabric of  American life. Real courage is remaining in the fetal position while the shooter goes car to car killing everyone. One can only imagine the degree of angst felt by the crew as they locked the passengers out of the safe car. Bravery unmatched since the Italian Captain ran the cruise ship aground and then grabbed the first life boat to save himself.
We could learn much from our European friends, but I'm afraid that's impossible. Is it any wonder they hate us?

[tip o' the hat to Stan]

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