Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nobody is talking about Bunny Friend Park, and that’s a problem

"I’m sure you’re all familiar with the tale by now and it’s depressing. A mass shooting in one of the country’s great cities. Cable news legal experts would refer to it as “highly unusual” because it involved more than one shooter. It was a crowded area with many innocent people in the potential line of fire. Ambulances lined up to tend to the casualties. So we all know what I’m talking about, right?

No… it’s not the San Bernardino shooting. It was the shooting in Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans and it happened on November 22nd.

Seventeen people were gunned down. Somehow, by the grace of God, nobody died. But many of the injuries were life altering and severe. There were children involved. And when I say there were “multiple shooters” here I’m not talking about two. There were a lot of them. Is there any conceivable way that this doesn’t fit the criteria of a “mass shooting” as is described and defined in every cable news segment flooding the airwaves this weekend? Yet if you had no idea what story I was talking about, you’re in good company. The vast majority of the country never heard about it.

I asked some questions. They sound hauntingly similar to questions which blanketed the airwaves after the Planned Parenthood shooting and the ones sucking all the oxygen out of the media room this weekend over San Bernardino. But where are all the questions in the media about Bunny Friend Park? It meets all the definitions of a mass shooting and a very large one at that. But I didn’t see Carol Costello, Jake Tapper or Victor Blackwell jumping on a plane and heading for New Orleans. Wasn’t this a case of “domestic terrorism” in all its glory? Where were all the calls for new gun control laws? Perhaps even more to the point, where are all the questions about the “fundamental nature” of those engaged in such mass mayhem and what’s causing it? Isn’t it curious how not one of the major news networks is pursuing this story with even a tiny fraction of the energy they are dumping into Colorado and San Bernadino? Our friend Bob Owens at Bearing Arms pointed out how this mass shooting was effectively memory-holed for some strange reason

But we know what the reason is. This story isn’t interesting to either liberals or the mainstream media, despite the fact that it fits all the criteria of the Big Stories on the surface. You see, it doesn’t serve the narrative. Black Lives Matter when they are (on exceedingly rare occasions) taken by white police officers either in tragic accidents or clearly bad shootings. But if you happen to be a group of black gang members you can shoot up seventeen of them in a crowded park and nobody wants to talk about it."
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