Monday, February 15, 2016

Socialism, it could happen here and probably will

"Yoav Frommer, a leftist who teaches American history in Israel, argues in the Washington Post that Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialism might well become the mainstream view of the Democratic Party before long. I think he’s right. And if he is, it’s likely that the natural course of politics will produce a Bernie Sanders style president and congressional majority in the not too distant future. 

And why not? It has happened throughout Western Europe. Great Britain, the nation most akin to ours, descended into socialism pretty rapidly. 

Moreover, the attraction of socialism is easy to understand. In effect, it offers the promise of taking wealth from people who, by and large, have earned a lot of it and giving the proceeds to people who have not. Because the latter group vastly outnumbers the former, the mass appeal is obvious."
[Power Line]

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