Wednesday, April 6, 2016

West Hollywood mayor says city wouldn’t grant special event permits to Trump rally

"Gabby Morrongiello (Washington Examiner) reported on West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath’s statements, and was kind enough to pass along the mayor’s email:
Thank you for your questions. My answers are below. Please let me know if there’s any additional information I can share.

• Do you actually have the authority to ban Donald Trump from campaigning in West Hollywood?

As Mayor of West Hollywood, it is my primary responsibility to keep our community safe. So long as Mr. Trump and his campaign use, promote, and defend violent, hateful tactics – especially against marginalized and disenfranchised communities – they are not welcome. Historically, the City has welcomed political leaders from different sides of the aisle. Notably, City staff received requests to accommodate a McCain for President campaign event some years ago, including the issuance of special event permits. We accommodated those requests, recognizing and respecting the political differences that are present within our community. However, those same courtesies will not be extended to the Trump campaign, and I have already confirmed with our City staff that such actions are well within our right."
[The Volokh Conspiracy]

Read Eugene Volokh's learned response describing why the Mayor has no Constutional right to bar Trump. [clipper] 

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