Monday, June 6, 2016

The California Primary: Millennials' Last Fling

"Millennials, who first arrived in 1980, are the largest generational group in American history.  As such, they tend to have a deep-seated, some would say exaggerated, sense of their own importance.  Now that the last of the millennials, those born in the late 1990s, have reached voting age, the millennial generation is exerting ever greater influence on presidential politics.  The campaign of Bernie Sanders, one of the most radical leftists ever to run for the presidency, is almost their exclusive preserve. 

Sanders's platform is well targeted to the idealism of most millennials.  It offers free universal health care ("Medicare for all"), free college tuition, a $15 minimum wage, expanded federal housing subsidies, immigration reform (including "dismantling" detention centers and allowing illegals to receive Obamacare and other federal benefits), LGBT rights, further climate change restrictions on fossil fuels, support for the Iran deal, making the wealthy pay "their fair share," and a host of other liberal proposals.

The great thing is, according to Bernie, that all of this costs us practically nothing.  Almost all of it would be paid for with new taxes on corporations and the rich.  And in Bernie's world, corporations and affluent investors would not pass along these costs to consumers.  They would just take the hit and keep providing goods and services at the same cost as before.  LOL."
[American Thinker]

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