Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clinton Foundation: We’re keeping Chelsea, and probably foreign-gov’t donations too

"Under fire from both critics and political allies, the Clintons have sent up signals lately that they will cut ties to their family foundation if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November. Bill Clinton told Clinton Global Initiative staffers that the annual meeting next month will be its last, and both Bill and Hillary have declared that they will stop raising funds for it. The foundation itself stated that it will stop accepting funds from foreign governments and scale back its operations considerably if the Clintons return to the White House.

As recently as this summer, the foundation was discussing with some allies plans forChelsea Clinton to leave the board, along with former President Bill Clinton, if Mrs. Clinton should win. But on Wednesday, foundation spokesman Craig Minassian said Chelsea Clinton plans to stay on the board. Mr. Clinton told donors he still plans to leave.

While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. The foundation now proposes to have foreign governments send money to a Clinton family organization while Hillary Clinton is president, and while Chelsea continues to participate in leadership — and want us to believe that this is a firewall against influence. How so? Because the Clinton Foundation office isn’t in the West Wing?"

[Hot Air] 

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