Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilt by Association, Real vs Imagined

 "Hillary Clinton would have us believe that Trump is a scary member of the white supremacist radical fringe.  Democrats are happy to believe her, even though Trump has zero relationship with hate groups.  None, nada, zilch.  Their only evidence is gotcha questions from liberal reporters asking Trump to repudiate David Duke over and over, tarring him by association.  But there is no association, except in liberal minds that see Republicans, that is, the majority of whites in this country, as hate-filled kooks.

In contrast, Hillary actually does support BLM, a racist organization that promotes murder of whites.  She repeats the cop-killing lie that we have a racist justice system. 

The contrast between the baseless accusations that Trump is a fringe candidate and the reality of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s lifelong radical associations could not be clearer.  Thanks to the liberal propaganda press, their voters will never know."

[American Thinker]

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