Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Streisand: I’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins

" “He has no facts. I don’t know, I can’t believe it,” (Barbra) Streisand said, referring to Trump. “I’m either coming to your country [Australia], if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”

Here’s a full list of leftist stars, has-beens, loud-mouthed actors, and D-list celebrities who have said they’ll leave America if Trump is elected:
  • Lena Dunham
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Cher
  • Jon Stewart
  • Raven Symone
  • Natasha Lyonne
  • Omari Hardwick
  • Spike Lee
  • Chloë Sevigny
  • Eddie Griffin
  • George Lopez
  • Al Sharpton
  • Neve Campbell
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Chelsea Handler" 
 [Daily Wire]
I'll hire the bus to take all of you to the airport.

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