Saturday, October 8, 2016

Here are a few examples of notable U.S. Presidents using similar or worse speech....

Then we have Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon

and LBJ, Nixon and G. W. Bush

and this doesn't even BEGIN to describe the vulgarity of Hillary's husband with too many to cite women over whom he exerted incredible power....... he is accused of rape (Juanita Broderick), he settled lawsuit out of court after Paula Jones accused him of vulgar deeds, accused of gross unwanted sexual attacks (Kathleen Willey) as a result of which Hillary ran a War Room to control "bimbo eruptions", he has tried to re-establish a relationship with Gennifer Flowers who he told of Hillary's bi-sexual behavior when he said she's "eaten more p...y than I have", and, of course, the Monica Lewinsky affair over which he was IMPEACHED.



America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump

"I find this reaction to Trump's private conversation rather ironic. It's ironic coming from a secular culture that long ago declared objective morality dead. It's ironic coming from politicos and media bottom-feeders who defended the abusive and disgusting behavior of Bill Clinton, not when he was a private citizen but when he was a sitting president."

[PJ media]

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