Saturday, October 29, 2016

Voter Fraud In Minnesota

 Sanctioned By Gov. Dayton !

" That’s a big topic, as Minnesota’s same-day registration scheme is notoriously subject to–in fact, invites–abuse. But a group called Minnesota Voters Alliance has brought to light another problem: substantial numbers of felons, among others, are illegally being allowed to vote, because Minnesota’s Secretary of State refuses to follow the law.

This is sheer lawlessness on the part of Governor Mark Dayton’s administration, and it is just one of a number of ways in which laws intended to promote ballot security are being violated or circumvented so that felons (who overwhelmingly vote Democratic), illegal aliens and others can cast ballots.

Voter fraud in Minnesota has already done great harm to the nation as a whole. Al Franken cast the decisive 60th vote for Obamacare after he took office in 2009, following a disputed election in which he defeated Republican Norm Coleman by 312 votes. It is almost certain that voter fraud provided Franken’s margin of victory–not fraud in absentee ballots, which were the subject of an extended recount, but fraud committed on election day when felons, non-citizens, and persons who had already voted elsewhere were allowed to cast ballots. We are living with the consequences today, as Obamacare unravels."

[Power Line]

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