Sunday, November 13, 2016

About those rioters...

"For many months, the LeftMedia have been warning that Trump supporters were so clearly violent they would likely riot when he lost the election.  The media were salivating at the ratings triumph of this imagined scenario.  They knew that it was coming, and it was going to validate their contempt for Trump and anyone who supported him.

So prevalent was the conviction that Trump was going to lose, and lose badly, that Chris Wallace, in the last debate, asked Trump if he would concede if he lost.  It never occurred to him to ask Clinton the same question.  Of course it didn't.  The media have been of one mind this past year and a half, including Fox News; Clinton was a shoe-in.  The Donald did not have a chance.  Not only would Clinton win, but the Senate and maybe even the House would fall back into Democrat hands.  Chuck Schumer was measuring for drapes in the speaker's office.

Conservatives have never marched or rioted when they have lost an election.  Never.  But the left can be counted on to do so when offended by anything they can define as a grievance against their "group," such as the votes of others with which they disagree.  These protests are not spontaneous, as anyone who read the Podesta emails and watched the O'Keefe videos knows.  They are planned and paid for, by Soros, ANSWER, etc. – far-left trolls like those in Ferguson, who, with Soros dollars, launched the thuggish Black Lives Matter group, so affectionately embraced by Hillary Clinton. "

[American Thinker] 

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