Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Watching the Snowflakes Melt

" Any honest conservative will have to admit that the post-election spectacle of weeping Clinton staffers, progressive pundits at a momentary loss for lies, and SJWs tweeting as frantically as canaries in a room full of hungry cats was the icing on Trump’s victory cake. I don’t blame anyone for going back to YouTube for seconds. We’ve been getting the thick end of the political correctness cudgel for a very long time now. How’s this for social justice, my liberal friends? How’s this for a little diversity of political opinion?

Trump said occasional bad things. Hillary really did bad things. The saying and doing are different, at least in a sane world. However, if you are twenty years old, systematically educated to find reasons to be offended, and tucked into the comfortable safe space of your echo chamber -- then accusations are indistinguishable from truth. The suggestion that we should put the interests of the people who are already in America ahead of the interests of millions who, for whatever reason, want to come to America is indistinguishable, to snowflakes, from calling for the gunning down of children in the streets. These kids don’t assume the odd swastika they run across on the way to the vape shop is the work of a mildly anti-social but basically apolitical thirteen-year-old (the sort of people who have always scrawled graffiti on American walls and sidewalks) but imagine it the product of invisible neo-Nazi boogeymen. Yes, they are genuinely scared -- they have swallowed the big lie whole."
[American Thinker] 

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