Friday, December 16, 2016

A Reader Responds

In response to a NY Times article describing Hillary's loss, a reader - one JACK M - says it all:

"So, to be clear:

Sexism did it.
Voter intimidation did it.
Fake news on Facebook did it.
The FBI did it.
Putin did it.

Poor messaging did not do it.
Focus on Blue states instead of swing states did not do it.
A history of poor ethical choices and borderline scandals did not do it.
Poor personal chemistry in connecting with voters did not do it.
Revealed corruption and collusion with DNC to suppress Sanders didn't do it.
Taking the black vote for granted did not do it.
An overall bland campaign despite immense financial advantage did not do it.

Everyone, and everything, other than Hillary Rodham Clinton is to blame.

At least she hasn't blamed it on the family dog yet. But that can't be far in coming."

[NY Times]

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