Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump blamed for not letting refugees needing expensive treatments into America

" Seriously ill refugees with diseases like cancer and heart disease are being denied access to America and free medical care (free for them, that is), and the WaPo says Donald Trump is to blame.

There are thousands of people in Bangladesh who could really use free American health care.  There are thousands of people with heart problems in China who could really benefit from it, too – not to mention all the Iranians who don't have colostomy bags but could use them.
How can we pass a single day without letting all these people into America and giving them access to taxpayer-funded health care?  By not admitting every sick person in every other country, and giving all of them free treatment, the liberal line is that Donald Trump is killing all of them, as surely as if he gunned them down on Fifth Avenue himself.

President Trump seems to be in the odd position of prioritizing the needs of Americans over the needs of people in other countries, as if he felt more responsible for American citizens than for people in the Sudan. "

[American Thinker] 

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