Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Example Of Distortion Of The Facts

An acquaintance who could most charitably be described as "on the left", was waxing long and eloquently to all in earshot at the coffee bar this morning how Gov. Bobby Jindal just signed a HORRIBLE gun law.  According to this loudmouth, Jindal now allows ANYBODY, AT ANY AGE, WITHOUT EXAMINATION AND NEEDING NO PERMIT, to have a gun in Louisiana.

Because I wasn't familiar with this Louisiana law just passed a few days ago, I was unable to rebut his firm and vocal assertions with facts.   So unfortunately, those several folks in earshot went away believing that Louisiana, will soon become a hotbed of mayhem with everyone running around carrying all sorts of guns.  

The simple truth is that EVERY ONE of this (East Coast, retired school teacher) elitist, snob's assertions is factually incorrect.   Read THIS ARTICLE describing the law Jindal signed.  Seems quite responsible to me.     [clipper]

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